Hi I am Woomie and I'm a stupid british person who collects old games

This is the website I made to show off all the retro games and computer stuff I own lol.

I enjoy collecting retro stuff because I want to be able to preserve them. It is not like film where you can just get an mp4 file. With games there's much more too it. You need the console, controller, display and of course the games. Modern hardware can't perfectly replicate old hardware.

I have been collecting for 12 years, lots of my stuff was bought back in the early 2010s when nobody really cared about collecting so it was all dirt cheap :)

I live in the UK and most of the stuff I own are the PAL (European) versions which are generally considered to be inferior to the NTSC (American and Japanese) versions of games though I disagree with the notion that PAL is inferior. I tend to own both versions of the consoles and then play the NTSC games on flash carts or optical drive emulators.

I will try to update this as I buy new stuff

Website by Luka! (Woomie)