Atari 2600 Controller

Famicom Controller x2
NES Controller x2
NES Dogbone Controller
NES Classic Controller
NES Zapper
8BitDo NES Wireless Controller

SFC Controller x2
SNES Controller x3
USA Snes Controller
SNES Classic Controller x2
8BitDo Snes Wireless Controller

Virtual Boy Controller x2

N64 Controller Grey
N64 Controller Blue
N64 Controller Green
N64 Controller Gold
N64 Controller Transparent White/Blue
N64 Controller Grape Purple
Brawler N64 Controller Purple
Brawler N64 Controller Black
Hori N64 Controller Transparent White/Blue
Retrobit Tribute N64 Controller Purple

Gamecube Controller Orange x2
Gamecube Controller Black x2
Gamecube Controller Silver
Gamecube Controller Smash Wii U
Gamecube Controller Smash Ultimate
Gamecube Controller Purple x2
Gamecube Controller White
Gamecube Controller Purple/Clear
Gamecube Controller Pearl
Gamecube Controller Clear
Gamecube Controller Resident Evil 4
Gamecube Controller Wavebird x2
Gamecube Controller Wavebird Silver
Gamecube Controller Emerald Green x1
Gamecube Controller Emerald Green/Clear
Gamecube Controller Emerald Green/Purple
Gamecube Controller Luigi
Gamecube Controller Mario
Gamecube Controller Club Nintendo - BOXED
Gamecube Bongos
Hori Gamecube Controller
Hori Gameboy Player Controller
ASCII Gamecube Keyboard Controller
Raphnet SNES to Gamecube Adapter
Gameboy Advance to Gamecube Controller x2

White Wiimote + Nunchuck x3
Black Wiimote + Nunchuck x2
Toad Wiimote
Hori Gamecube to Wii Controller
Wii Classic Controller White
Wii Classic Controller Red
Wii Classic Controller Gold
Wii Guitar Hero Controller

Wii U Gamepad Black
Wii U Gamepad Zelda
Wii U Pro Controller

Nintendo DS Keyboard

Switch Joycons Purple/Clear (modified)
Switch Pro Controller Black
Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2
Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 3
8BitDo SN30 Pro Black
8BitDo SN30 Pro SNES USA
8BitDo Sn30 Pro 2 Transparent Black
8Bitdo Ultimate C Wired Purple
Hori Pokken Tournament Controller
Hori Gamecube Controller Black
Hori Split Pad Pro Black/Red
Hori Taiko Drum
PowerA Wireless Gamecube Controller

Sega Master System Controller

Sega Megadrive Controller
Sega Megadrive Classic Controller x2
Sega Megadrive 6 Button Controller
8BitDo Sega Megadrive 6 Button Controller Wireless

Sega Saturn Controller Black
Sega Saturn Controller Grey Model 2
Sega Saturn 3D Controller White
RetroBit Wireless Sega Saturn Controller

Dreamcast Controller White x2

XBOX Duke Controller
XBOX Controller
XBOX Controller Transparent Green

XBOX 360 Controller Halo Reach
XBOX 360 Controller Halo 3 ODST
XBOX 360 Controller Silver
XBOX 360 Kinect

XBOX ONE Controller Minecraft
XBOX ONE Controller Custom

PS1 Controller Grey
Dual Analog Controller Grey
Dualshock 1 Transparent Green
PS1 Classic Controller x2

Dualshock 2 Silver
Dualshock 2 Black
Logitech Cordless Action Controller

Dualshock 3 Black
Dualshock 3 White

Dualshock 4 Black
Dualshock 4 Transparent
Project Diva X Controller

Dualsense Controller

Steam Controller
Logitech G27 Steering Wheel + Shifter + Pedals
Gamo2 FauceTwo Sound Voltex Controller (Sanwa 20g buttons with Omron 100g switches)
Ouya Controller
Razer Kishi (Pixel 6 Pro)

Inkling Girl Amiibo (Does this count as a controller lol????)
Inkling boy Amiibo
Ness Amiibo
Lucas Amiibo
Chibi Robo Amiibo
Luigi Amiibo
Purple Squid Amiibo
Yoshi Amiibo
Callie Amiibo
Marie Amiibo
Pearl Amiibo
Marina Amiibo